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Reiki Beginner Course with Crystals is a 2-Day event at London:

This Course is to help you open up to healing yourself and also others. Reiki is great for anyone; age doesn't matter whether you are young or old. This is an opening to peace in your life or it could be the platform to know yourself deeper of what you really want. Reiki is such a powerful energy that you can help yourself to focus on anything you need to in life. Whether its exams or your work or a dream you want to manifest.

My work is to bring this special gift to you. I work with crystals that make the energy more special and exciting in the course. So you get added on skills and are certified with Reiki and Hands on healing skills with Crystals as well. I so look forward to be the person in your life who can be the door to all this and more.

I am trained from India and have workshops all over UK and in different countries and recognised as Master teacher from the UK REIKI FEDERATION.

Second day you learn 'Crystal Reiki Healing' You are certified with Reiki and Crystals with this day's work.

In the first level you learn to heal yourself, grow spiritually & psychically. This will be a stepping- stone to your spiritual connection and powers! This 2-day course full of fun and a lot of self-healing is involved. Also practical work, traditional Reiki meditations are included. It's great for anyone just wanting to connect with themselves on a deeper level and wanting learn to be in sync with body and mind and be healed.

Please mail at for full details of the course and booking forms or just call 07855 614148 to get them posted to you. And yes payment can be made through this page too, 50 is required to book & reserve your place, which is non-refundable. The rest of the amount to be made before the course begins anytime.

After you make payment, you will be sent more details on the course booking and also a form that needs to be filled and sent back through email or post.  And if you are sending a cheque instead of paying online, do email at for details to be sent through email to you in the mean time.

Love & light,

Robin Bela

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